Books by Charles Todd

A Casualty of War

The term war casualty refers to anyone who dies of injuries sustained in battle. The phrasing seems almost benign, as if the horrible loss were simply a mild byproduct of a causal event. In A Casualty of War the writing duo of Charles Todd brings home the fact that war is not in the least casual but ...

The Shattered Tree

Mysteries which aren’t police procedurals typically require an extra dose of suspended disbelief. While a caterer, hotel owner or nurse might solve a crime at some point in their career it is unlikely that they will ever close case after interesting case with a speed and efficiency which New York ...

The Walnut Tree

I think one of the most horrifying things in the world would be to be away from home when war broke out. Suddenly, your visit to a foreign land turns into an unintended stay. You find yourself trapped in an unfamiliar area, with the very real possibility that you might be killed before you can get h ...