Books by Emily Larkin

Trusting Miss Trentham

Trusting Miss Trentham is the third book in Emily Larkin’s Baleful Godmother series of historical romances with a paranormal twist.  Owing to the good deed done by one of their ancestresses, each of the heroines is entitled to receive a gift from their Faerie Godmother – whom they call Baletong ...

Resisting Miss Merryweather

Sir Barnaby Ware was introduced in Unmasking Miss Appleby as the other man in an affair that broke up a marriage and destroyed a life-long friendship.  He could have been easy to dislike, but his deep remorse showed there was much more to him.  It’s a rare thing when a secondary character can st ...

Unmasking Miss Appleby

It’s no secret that my least favourite trope is the one in which the heroine passes herself off as a man.  I find it too difficult to believe that nobody would notice she wasn’t one, even within the idealised setting of a romantic novel.  That’s not to say that some authors haven’t managed ...