Books by Jenn Burke

Snowed In

When a romance is titled Snowed In, I picture cold weather and warm relations between main characters.  What I didn’t expect was such a frigid bitch of a heroine.  I know, I know, in the spirit of the season I should be more forgiving of a character’s flaws and try to see the goodness within t ...

Just Married

Just Married might be a case of good writing meeting bad plotting, or at least readability meeting a poor plot. I was sucked into the story from the very beginning by Bayley-Burke’s writing style and the premise. I love friends-to-lovers tropes, and seeing one friend corral another into a surprise ...

Chaos Station

In this sci-fi romance, we are immersed in a new futuristic world following a war between the humans and the Stin that the humans were in danger of losing before the Guardians, a super alien race stepped in to stop the battles. But the casualties were great, including the separation of long-time fri ...