Books by Lauren Blakely

The Knocked Up Plan

Prepare to swoon, because Lauren Blakely has delivered another top-notch romance. The Knocked Up Plan is the perfect blend of humor, passion, and love, and you’ll grin from start to finish. Nicole Powers and Ryder Lockhart are friends, co-workers, and ping-pong partners, and they have an easy-g ...

Full Package

Lauren Blakely’s Full Package is a sexy, fun friends-to-lovers romance that provided a reading break I had no idea I needed. Its characters are normal and their relationship evolves in a fairly uncomplicated manner without a lot of the chaos and angst that have been present in some of my most rece ...


Anyone who knows me or reads my reviews regularly will know that I’m not really one for Contemporary romance. I freely admit to sneaking in the odd Harlequin Presents now and again, but I’m not into tattooed bikers, hockey players (or anything sport-related), Navy SEALs, firefighters, lawyers ...