Books by Lorelei James

All You Need

Lorelei James is a familiar voice to many in the erotic and contemporary romance world, having published more than sixty books in the last ten years. While I'd heard of her, I hadn't actually read any of her books until this one. All You Need is a sports romance with a fairly typical plot idea – a ...

Turn and Burn

James' Blacktop Cowboy series centers on the rodeo competitors who travel around the country with their horses and gear, searching for another win and ultimately a championship belt buckle or trophy. Her latest follows injured barrel racer Tanna Barker who's come out of her accident afraid to get on ...

One Night Rodeo

There’s definitely a difference between erotica written in the last century and erotica written today. Today’s includes plot lines and character development whereas old erotica centered on titillating scene after scene. Lorelei James represents the best in today’s erotica, and she’s just got ...