Books by Mary Kubica

Every Last Lie

Some of us are old enough to remember the commercials and advertisements with the slogan, ‘Maybe she’s born with it; Maybe it’s Maybelline.’ The idea behind that old sales pitch is that ‘real’ can be disguised. Truth can be hidden behind some cosmetic applications. In Every Last Lie, Cla ...

Pretty Baby

A psychological suspense novel which serves as both social treatise and dire warning, Pretty Baby by Mary Kubica leaves you thinking – and vaguely frightened. Heidi Wood calls all those who see a need and don’t meet it do-nothings.  Heidi is the polar opposite of that- she works for a nonp ...

Don't You Cry

I expected to give this book a much better grade. I loved Ms. Kubica’s Good Girl and found her book Pretty Baby interesting, memorable and thought provoking. This novel, though, is a mish-mash of stupid people being shocked – shocked I tell you! – when their asinine decisions lead to bad resul ...