Books by Sonali Dev

A Change of Heart

A Change of Heart is my second Sonali Dev novel;  I enjoyed The Bollywood Bride, and had high hopes for this one.  Unfortunately, the misleading categorization (women’s fiction) and my assumption that like its predecessor (which is linked to this story), it was a romance, left me confused about ...

The Bollywood Bride

When one of my friends got married the officiant included as part of the ceremony his three secrets to a happy marriage: communicate, communicate, communicate. I would say that is the secret to a happy relationship with anyone and it is something I wish the hero and heroine of this book had learned ...

A Bollywood Affair

There are times when I'm glad a particular book I'm reading is a review book. Why do I say that? Well, some books just don't start off well but if I get past the first few chapters, I end up feeling very glad that I read the whole thing. A Bollywood Affair is such a book. As a reviewer, I had to sti ...