Books by Tasha Alexander

A Terrible Beauty

A Terrible Beauty, the eleventh entry in the Lady Emily series, returns to a pivotal event that occurred prior to the first book: the death of Lady Emily’s first husband Lord Philip Ashton. Over the course of the series Lady Emily has gone from being a recent widow to being a respected Greek schol ...

Death in the Floating City

I’ve been a fan of Tasha Alexander’s Lady Emily series since Emily’s first appearance in And Only to Deceive. Emily has gone through a lot of changes and solved many mysteries since then. The latest entry finds Lady Emily and her husband Colin in Venice to investigate a recent murder. However, ...

And Only to Deceive

And Only to Deceive is the first entry in Tasha Alexander’s Victorian era suspense/mystery series featuring Lady Emily Ashton. Since it came out in 2005, I have read it at least once a year. I absolutely adore this book. Lady Emily Ashton’s husband Philip died one year earlie ...