Speaking of Audiobooks: August 2012 Releases

Beautiful DisasterIf you’ve been a regular reader of Speaking of Audiobooks this past year, you’re probably aware that our upcoming releases list is compiled from a variety of sources.  Building this month’s list proved to be more challenging than usual.  Although there are dozens of genuine first-time releases, it’s also a month full or rereleases in hiding, so beware.  Amazon seems to be taking great pains to hide previous audio releases.  For years, I’ve started with Amazon when building our upcoming releases list before gathering release dates from various production company/publishers sites.  Over the past months, I’ve noticed that Amazon is increasingly introducing old titles as new (a long-time practice in publishing – I know) while also including larger numbers of non-romance audios in the romance category.  Don’t trust Amazon’s upcoming romance audio release list for that HEA romance listeners expect.

FictionDB and I are spending more and more time together these days ascertaining a book’s category and the whole process feels […]