Eagerly Awaiting in November

Some months I’m struck by how in sync our reading tastes seem to be here at AAR, and then other months, I’m reminded of how diverse our interests can be. November seems to be one of the latter sorts of months. Quite a few of us are Sarah Mayberry fans, but beyond that, our picks seem to be all over the map this month. I’m almost getting new reading ideas just putting the list together! So, what do you want to read next month?

Title and Author Reviewer
Suddenly You by Sarah Mayberry Suddenly You by Sarah Mayberry Rike, Lynn, Leigh, Dabney, Pat

Rules for Life

Every once in a while I start researching a topic and then it leads to something completely different.  This week I was all set to talk about the strength it takes to make changes in our lives.  But honestly, we all know how difficult it is do things like ending relationships, or changing jobs. Instead I got sidetracked to www.oprah.com and Rules-for-Life-After-35 by Leigh Newman and was charmed by some of  her sayings.


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