More Special Title Lists Now Open!

Start searching through your reading records, because today we’re opening up five more Special Title Lists for updates. From today, October 16 through Sunday, October 28 at midnight we’ll be accepting submissions for the following lists: (1) Reunited, (2) Cabin and Road Romances, (3) Tortured Heroes, (4) Arranged Marriages, and (5) Shotgun Weddings. We hope you’ll recommend some of your favorite romances for these lists. Before you send in any recommendations, please take a minute to check the descriptions of each list below and then visit the page itself to check out some of the romances that are already on the lists.

Reunited: Romances in this list “have heroes and heroines who loved each other before, were separated, and are now reunited. These stories tell of their second chance at love.” This does not include one-night stands featuring strangers, after which the hero and heroine don’t see each other for years. The couple must have loved each other in the past.

Sometimes We Just Need Good News

Found this heartwarming story on the web yesterday.  Sometimes it is just nice to start the day out with feel good news.

And of course you know I am a sucker for dog stories.

G’ day

(Fantasizing of an Australian vacation)

— Leigh AAR

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