Cold Weather Foods

LinnieGayl’s  comfort food blog and the recent colder weather started to remind me of dishes I typically eat during the winter.  One of the first dishes I turn to is beans.  With my parent’s southern roots, even living in the west, I grew up on a lot of pots of beans.  Pinto beans, and great northern beans with a ham bone were big favorites of my mother and I don’t really remember those dishes being seasonal.  However when it turned cold my mother turned to a big pot of chili or stew.

I don’t do the stew but always turn to chili.  In fact, I am probably going to make chili today.  I don’t have any special recipe and to be honest sometimes my dish is good and sometime it is average.  So I thought maybe I need a more definite recipe instead of a little bit of this and that.

The Today Show had a chili cook-off and I am just not sure about the three top contenders? Here are the […]

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Do Contemporaries Ever Become Historicals?

Lately I’ve been thinking about the boundary between contemporary and historical romances as I try to place new submissions for the Special Title Lists appropriately. Although not a romance, my reading of the Flavia de Luce mysteries also has me thinking of this boundary.

The Flavia de Luce mysteries, set in post-World War II England, are considered historical mysteries. But what if they were romances? According to Wikipedia and numerous other Web sites, contemporary romances are set after World War II, while historical romances are set before or during World War II; by that criterion if Flavia grows older and falls in love her book might be considered a contemporary romance. I say “might,” because Wikipedia also notes that contemporary romances are generally “set in the time when they were written, and usually reflect the mores of their time.”

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