Daylight Savings Time

One of my favorite days of the year is coming up, the Sunday that we fall back, and I gain an extra hour. Before I stated working weekends this extra hour was extra time spent sleeping or doing just nothing. Now on Saturday night I enjoy going to bed knowing I have an extra hour to sleep before my alarm clock goes off for work or if I am reading a good book, I know that I can stay up a little longer.


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Speaking of Audiobooks: Audible's New Coming Soon List, Preordering & More!

Here at Speaking of Audiobooks, we have bragged on Audible in the past, encouraged others to give Audible a try, alerted listeners to Audible specials, and followed Audible’s romance releases day by day – reporting back to fellow listeners, both here and our affiliated Romance Audiobooks Goodreads group, those unexpected releases we know will cause excitement. And we have wondered out loud many times just why Audible doesn’t provide a comprehensive Coming Soon list for all genres and romance in particular.

Well, change is a coming. A few months ago at Audible, I started noticing a few future releases (with preorder ability) tucked in a corner here and there if the book was part of an ongoing series. Good. Then I noticed Audible had increased their Coming Soon section on their Home Page with the ability to sort by genre. Better. And then I realized you could preorder those Coming Soon titles. Even better. […]