There's a New Digital Imprint in Town – Interview with Kate Cuthbert

Recently I was glad to get a chance to catch up a little with Kate Cuthbert, one of our AAR alums who went on to work in the publishing world and is now managing editor of Harlequin Australia’s new digital-first imprint, Escape Publishing. Kate has all kinds of great information about Escape to share, and best of all, the books are available worldwide, so you don’t have to be in Australia to check out this line!

I know you’ve had quite a history in the romance community. Can you tell readers a little bit about who you are and what you do?

Kate Cuthbert: Sure! I’ve been writing about romance for almost as long as I’ve been reading it. In the past I’ve written a fortnightly romance column for a state newspaper, op-eds and reviews for the New York Journal of Books and Bookseller and Publishers Magazine, a romance-focused newsletter for an online bookshop, and, of course, spent a couple […]

A Sweet, Sweet Holiday: Louise's Candy Cane Cookies

peppermint-candy-cane-cookies-recipe-i16From Jean AAR: I wouldn’t dare try to guess how many years we have amongst us ladies here at AAR, but I think it’s safe to say we’ve accrued our fair share of holiday culinary experience. So we decided to share some of it with you. Over the next fortnight here at After Hours we’ll share our favourite sweet recipes with you. Most are cookies, some are not, but they are all absolutely delicious treats that we hope you’ll enjoy. (And hey, even if they tank, it’s the making that’s fun, right?) From all of us here at AAR, have a wonderful holiday!

First up are Louise’s Candy Cane Cookies.  “Making these cookies are a big tradition.  My kids love the fun of rolling the dough and shaping the candy canes – and I love the subtle minty taste of them!  They are ALWAYS left out for Santa on Christmas Eve!!”


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