New Year's resolutions

In Germany, many people delight in making New Year’s resolutions and (at least) try to stick to them. Stopping to smoke, losing weight, or spending less are favorites. Do you do the same in your country? What are typical resolutions there?

I mostly tend to scoff at “big” New Year’s resolutions, but I like small ones. Here are mine for 2013:

  • Read more.
  • Spend just a little less time online (related to the one above).
  • Try out some new recipes for bread and winter vegetables (not at the same time – these just happen to be the fields I am interested in right now in the kitchen).
  • Deal with the huge heap of mending that has been assembling over the last months (possibly years).

What are your resolutions?

– Rike Horstmann

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Interview with Ruthie Knox + Cover Reveal!

Followers of the Loveswept line – and fans of contemporary romance in general – have kept Ruthie Knox’s name buzzing in romance circles for the past year since Ride With Me came out. Her latest project, the Camelot series, is being eagerly anticipated by many readers. The first novella, How to Misbehave, comes out January 28, 2013, and the second, Along Came Trouble, will be available on March 11. The final Camelot story, Flirting With Disaster, isn’t out until June 10, 2013, but we’re very happy to be revealing the cover for this one today. Something about seeing the cover of an anticipated book makes it seem more real, no? […]

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