Change and New Identities….: A Guest Post by M. O’Keefe

I’ve written 26 books and novellas as Molly O’Keefe. I moved through three different Harlequin lines  and into single-title romance with Bantam writing under that name.

Fun fact:  It’s not my name and it’s not even one I […]

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Midweek Minis

AAR staffers Anne, Caroline, E.B, Keira, Maria Rose, Mary and Sara share their thoughts on some of their recent reads in another of our occasional series of mini reviews.

Anne’s Read:

The Governess Comforts the Disconsolate […]

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A guest post and giveaway from Megan Frampton

Thanks for having me today, AAR! I have a new release titled Why Do Dukes Fall in Love?. It’s the fourth book in the Dukes Behaving Badly series, and it has an exceedingly intelligent duke […]

Talking with Sherry Thomas at #RWA16

IMG_1569I read my first Sherry Thomas book–Private Arrangements–in 2009 and that was it for me. So when Berkley asked if I wanted to interview her at RWA, I had to restrain myself from not replying yesyesyesyes… in ALL CAPS.

Sherry’s journey as a writer fascinates me. As her website says, […]

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Eagerly Awaited August 2016 Books

scotdarkSome months are more filled with enticing books than others.  As we get to the end of summer (it’s flown by way too fast!), the August 2016 lists are out already. Some months, individual reviewers may only have a book or two to look forward to. However, this time around, my inbox lit up like a Christmas tree!  From historicals to suspense to contemporary to category romance, we are all eagerly looking forward to reading something new this August!

A Scot in the Dark by Sarah MacLean

I’ll admit that I was late to the party on discovering this author. However, I picked up one of her books after meeting her at RWA several years ago and being impressed by what she had to say(and also having lots of fun chatting!) Not every book has worked, but enough of them have been fabulous for her to be an autobuy for me. – Lynn

She’s hit-or-miss for me, but I loved her Never Judge a Lady by her Cover so much that I always hope lightning will strike again. This continues the series which began with The Rogue Not Taken, which got a B+ here (I agree with that review’s B+) – Caroline

Sarah MacLean has earned my trust as a one-click author. This is a book that will disrupt all others as soon as it hits my Kindle. – Kristen

Ms MacLean is pretty much an auto-buy author for me these days and I like the way she is paralleling our celebrity-obsessed culture with the scandals of the early 19th Century. – Caz

Sheikh’s Mail-Order Bride by Marguerite Kaye

Darkly handsome princes in exotic locations… I loved the previous book in this series (The Widow and the Sheikh) and am a big fan of this author. Her research is always impeccable and she writes wonderfully sensual romances with complex characters whose dilemmas and feel realistic.  – Caz


For me, Marguerite Kaye’s historical romances are a cut above the usual, both in terms of how she uses her settings and how she crafts her characters.  She’s definitely one of the bright spots in the Harlequin Historicals lineup. – Lynn […]

Talking with Kristan Higgins at #RWA16

IMG_1570-001The best part of RWA for me is talking with authors.

This year, I was able to chat with quite a few of them and I’ll be sharing those interviews over the next few weeks. (I asked them all the same set of questions–I thought it would be fun […]

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July TBR Challenge post – RITA season

burningskyThe 2016 RITA awards were announced last week, and now it’s time to get a little nostalgic for this month’s TBR Challenge. In years past, I’ve gone all the way back to the first awards handed out in 1982 to read my pick. However, this time around, I went with something much more recent – The Burning Sky by Sherry Thomas, nominee for a 2014 RITA in the paranormal romance category. Though it didn’t win that year, this book is a wonderful read.

Most readers probably recognize Thomas as an author of superb historicals.  This novel, set in an alternate world that intersects somewhat with 1880s England, marks her first foray into YA. I enjoyed the characters and the world created for them, and this book would definitely go on my DIK shelf.

Our heroine, Iolanthe Seabourne, is of a type that anyone who reads a lot of paranormal (YA or adult) will recognize.  She is that special snowflake deemed the most talented of her generation. Of course, she doesn’t initially have a clue about her stupendous powers; they never do. It’s rather like those awkward historical heroines who are drop dead gorgeous but can’t understand why men fall all over themselves to catch a glimpse.

Even if she comes from a familiar subset of heroines, I liked Iolanthe. I liked her hero, Prince Titus, too. The story opens in a mysterious, magical land referred to as the Domain. Iolanthe lives in the Domain with her guardian, and she knows that she is an elemental mage. However, she has no idea just how gifted she is. An incident that occurs when she is conjuring a simple lighting of the path for an acquaintance’s wedding brings Iolanthe to the attention of Atlantis, the dictatorial tyrants who have dominated and oppressed the Domain for generations. […]

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And the 2016 RITA Winners are….

The 2016 RITA winners are:

Best First Book

Forget Tomorrow by Pintip Dunn

(From School Library Journal)

Dunn’s brisk-paced debut dystopian novel begins with Callie and her friends anxiously […]

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Romances on Sale in August 2016

Contemporary/Contemporary Romantic Suspense



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Midweek Minis: RITA nominees Part Two

tmkcpfqv-600x323In advance of RWA2016, AAR staffers have been taking a look at some of the books nominated for RITA awards.  In our post yesterday, you’ll find a number of mini reviews of some of the titles featured in the various Contemporary Romance categories.  Today, BJ, Caz, Maria Rose, Sara and Shannon review some of the other nominated books.


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