Concrete Evidence

Rachel Grant

Erica Kesling has lost everything. Her mother stole her identity, and a job she took a year ago has cost her career. Now, Erica is starting over in Washington D.C., but she has her eye on revenge. She wants to see those who wronged her locked up for good. Her plan is simple, but the arrival of a sexy intern is about to complicate Erica’s life in more ways than one.

Lee Scott isn’t really an intern. Instead, he’s undercover, trying to discover who is stealing from the company his stepfather has worked hard to built. Erica is at the top of his list of suspects but falling for her isn’t his plan. Will he be able to remain objective in the face of his desire?

Both author Rachel Grant and narrator Meredith Mitchell were new to me before I began Concrete Evidence. While I’m not sure I’ll continue listening to the series, it’s through no fault of Mitchell’s narration. She did a fabulous job. Instead, my wariness comes from a plot with far too many twists and turns. I enjoy being kept guessing but, when every character has at least one hidden agenda, my head starts to spin.

Mitchell is quite pleasant to listen to. Her voice is on the low end for a woman, but there’s a kind of sultry quality that makes her perfect for romance, especially the sexy scenes.

Characters are very easy to tell apart. Mitchell has no trouble pulling off a wide range of accents, pitches, and styles of speaking. Dialogue tags were present, but I didn’t find them very necessary.

I found Mitchell’s depictions of both Lee and Erica to be true to what Grant intended. Both have something to hide and neither one wants to sacrifice their agenda, even if doing so would be in the best interest of the relationship. As a listener, this frustrated me, since I just wanted them to admit they were on the same side and work together, instead of constantly being at cross purposes. Still, Mitchell voiced both inner conflicts well, and her performance was breathtaking, when Lee and Erica finally got together.

One thing about Concrete Evidence really bothered me. Our heroine is constantly being threatened with gang rape. I understand people wanted to scare her but, no matter what your agenda, threatening anyone with rape is just not okay. I found it very distasteful in the context of romantic suspense.

Overall, I think Grant is a skilled writer. Archeology plays a huge role in this book. So, if you’re not a fan, you might want to skip this one. However, if you want something with very steamy sex scenes, and a plot that will keep you on the edge of your seat, Concrete Evidence will be quite enjoyable.

Breakdown of Grade – Narration: A and Book Content: B

Unabridged. Length – 11 hours 22 minutes

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Reviewer :      Shannon Dyer

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