Dangerous Games

Lora Leigh

When I got the list of books to review, I saw the blurb for Dangerous Games. It featured a Navy SEAL hero, a heroine who worked for the DEA, and some bad drug pushers as the villains. All right!” I said, “This looks like a good romantic suspense mystery”. Because of that, and because an acquaintance is a fan of the author’s Breeds series, I started to read it. Sigh. The book was a mish mash of mind games, lots of sex and general slutting around, and a little bit of action when the bad guys tried to put the hurt on our loving pair. To put it mildly: I was not happy with this one.

Clint McIntyre is a big, bad Navy SEAL who is well known in Atlanta’s private sex clubs. He’s a Dominant male to end all Doms and has women swooning at his feet. Clint is secretly madly in lust with Morganna Chavez, his best friend Reno’s little sister whom he has known since she was a toddler. Clint would really like to have his way with Morganna, but he’s always kept his distance and acts like her big brother. Morganna would like for Clint to notice her as a woman, but he doesn’t seem inclined to do so, and Morganna has no intention of sitting around waiting for him. She is an agent with the DEA and her team is working to stop a ring of drug lords who have developed a particularly potent and nasty date rape drug. They’ve tracked the drug pushers to several exclusive bondage clubs and Morganna, who is quite the hot chick, goes out every night to dance, flirt, and keep her eyes open for the bad guys.

Clint sees Morganna in one of the clubs and all his desire for her springs to the fore. He comes on like the uber Dom he is, only to discover that Morganna has no intention of being a sweet little Sub. Nope, our Morganna is very feisty and it doesn’t take too long for her to get into trouble with the bad guys and almost get killed. Clint sees red and signs on to the team. The plan is for Clint and Morganna to go to the more extreme clubs as a pair and try to flush the baddies out. While all this is going on, they become lovers (I’m not sure I’d call this a really loving relationship), and as they track the bad guys, they alternately fight, misunderstand each other, and then have mind bending sex until the final “I love you” – which I did not buy at all.

Clint is so alpha that he makes all other alphas look like nerds. He’s a walking, talking testosterone factory, a total control freak with a jealous streak a mile long, and as the book progresses, he pushes Morganna into more and more extreme sex – although it doesn’t take a lot of pushing. These sex scenes were written in purple and, for me, laugh inducing prose. The pair of them are so turned on it’s a wonder they don’t detonate every time they do the deed, and the one scene where they cuddle and have plain vanilla sex was a welcome relief.

The drug plot was a muddle. There were many, many characters and I never did totally figure out who they were and how they all fit together. I think that if I had read the short story Reno’s Chance from Honk If You Love Real Men, I might have understood things better, but this book didn’t inspire me to go out and find it.

Normally I enjoy the alpha male hero, but Clint had no redeeming qualities. He was bad tempered, secretive, and didn’t have the morals I’d expect of a SEAL. Worse, he was jealous to the point of rage, and his attraction to Morganna seemed to be based on sex alone. One of these days they’re going to have to get out of bed and live a normal life, and I don’t see them getting along at all. As for Morganna, I think she was supposed to be feisty, but she struck me as more stubborn and contrary than anything else.

I didn’t like this book at all, and was often uncomfortable reading it. Past experience tells me that had the suspense plot been more interesting and Clint an Morganna more likable, I could have tamped down my discomfort and enjoyed Dangerous Games. The last chapter sets up the premise for the next book in the series, but I’m going to give it a pass.

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Reviewer :      Ellen Micheletti

Grade :     D-

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