My Favorite Earthling

Susan Grant

It’s been along time since I read a science fiction (as opposed to fantasy) romance. Not having read the first book in Susan Grant’s series I was a bit lost, but after a few chapters I got my bearings.

Jared Jasper’s family has been prominent in California politics for years and held up public service as an ideal to him. After serving in the Air Force, Jared joined the National Guard, but he doesn’t want to be a politician, thank you, and is happy as a businessman. One day when he and his sister are out in his SUV, they come across a spaceship belonging to a REEF from the Coalition (details in the first book, Your Planet or Mine). Jared activates a plasma screen and sees a stunningly beautiful woman, and she sees him too. Jared tells her that he is The Prince (his Air Force call sign) and then leaves, thinking no more about it, but he’s set a chain of events in motion.

The woman Jared saw is Keira, Queen and Goddess of the Sakka. She is alone, having lost her parents – and lonely in her exalted position. She can’t trust anyone and has been taken advantage of by more than one suitor. Earth has tricked the Coalition into thinking that it has a fleet of spaceships and so the politicians decide that in order to keep Earth on the side of the Coalition and away from the enemy Drakkens, they should arrange a marriage between Keira (who is workshipped by almost all the members of the Coalition) and The Prince of Earth.

Well, this isn’t exactly what Jared had in mind when it comes to public service, but marriage to a stunningly beautiful woman isn’t too much of a hardship, so he learns the language and with a couple of escorts takes off to Sakka. He barely makes it when someone attacks his ship and kills everyone except Jared. The politicians call it a tragic accident.

Keira goes into the marriage with her defenses up and her armor on. Jared turns out to be a sweet sensitive man who wants only her happiness. It doesn’t take too long for her to fall deeply in love with him and for her frozen heart to melt. It doesn’t take too long for someone to try and assassinate Jared again, and this time Keira is determined to get some answers.

I enjoyed Grant’s latest, and mean to get the first book in the series as soon as I can, even though it earned a C- from an AAR colleague. Keira makes for an interesting character, a tortured heroine who can believably kick butt. She isn’t just feisty, she has real skill and her sad background gives a poignant feel to the story. I thought that the ending was a too contrived, but I won’t fuss – the happier the ending the better.

Jared was almost too much of a paragon. Let’s face it, would most men throw a pantieless supermodel off their lap at a bachelor party? Anyway, he turns out to be just what Keira needs on both the personal and diplomatic fronts. Jared can navigate the ins and outs of palace scheming and treachery with great skill and also give Keira the love and concern that she’s never had – he’s quite a perfect man.

If you enjoy science fiction romance this is the book for you. I do, and as I don’t see the combination very much, My Favorite Earthling was a real treat for me. Jared has a sister who is introduced in this book and whose story will be told in How To Lose An Extraterrestrial In 10 Days. I will be there to buy it.

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