One More Kiss

Samantha Chase

I wish there was a way to sugarcoat it, but Samantha Chase’s One More Kiss is dull. It might be an enjoyable book if you like reading mind-numbing, descriptive details or if you suffer from insomnia and are looking for a natural sleep-aide. If not, One More Kiss suffers from an excessively descriptive narrative and a predictable, unoriginal plot, which made it a struggle to stay awake and finish.

Matt Reed is a famous rock star (snooze) who epically failed when he attempted to star in a Broadway play. His performance was horrible, and the play closed after three days. Now the press and paparazzi won’t leave him alone and are ridiculing him constantly. He must be REALLY famous to elicit that much attention just for bombing in a play, because that sounds like fairly boring celebrity news to fill gossip websites for an extended period. There normally needs to be at least a sex tape or temporary psychosis to garner that much media attention.

When his childhood best friend, Aaron, offers Matt his house to hide out at until the attention dies down, Matt agrees, but he doesn’t plan on Aaron’s attractive little sister, Vivienne, (snooze) living in the guest house on the property grounds. She’s had a crush on Matt for a long time (no surprise) and saw him two years ago at one of his concerts where they shared a passionate kiss backstage. Matt didn’t recognize her when it happened, because he was drunk. He doesn’t even realize when he sees her again that she is the “stranger” he kissed that night, because he barely remembers it happened.

Aaron heads out of the country for a few weeks, which leaves Vivienne and Matt alone together. Since Matt can’t leave the house because his secret hideaway might be discovered and Vivienne works from home, the two end up spending a lot of time together. You can guess what happens next. (snooze)

One More Kiss provides a lot of detail about really uninteresting things, which makes the story feel like it is moving in slow motion. Ms. Chase describes how Matt brings three different types of drinks from the kitchen to the table for dinner and has him explain why he chose to grab one of everything. I would hazard a guess that he wasn’t sure what everyone would like to drink so he grabbed a few choices, but I really didn’t care.

Ironically, Ms. Chase provides hardly any detail when Matt and Vivienne are in the bedroom. One More Kiss is a romance that turns out the lights during the sex scenes. This isn’t really a complaint – it just feels weird that every other scene gets a plethora of random details, and the scenes that could have livened up this story are devoid of any.

I guess some readers might not mind the slow pace. Perhaps it is interesting that Matt gets a beer, a bottled water and a soda. For most, it will be a struggle to stop yourself from nodding off and dropping the book. This is my first time reading Ms. Chase, and I heard great things about her, so I am disappointed that One More Kiss turned out to be a dud. But looking on the bright side, I will easily forget about it and can try a different Samantha Chase book.



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Reviewer :      Mary Dubé

Grade :     C-

Sensuality :      Subtle

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  1. Tracy Ann Miller February 9, 2017 at 2:57 pm - Reply

    Well written review, Janet.

    Since you didn’t care for this book, it makes sense that you’d chose NOT to read Samantha Chase again. There are SO MANY romance authors out there waiting to be read!


  2. Amanda February 9, 2017 at 7:14 pm - Reply

    I was disappointed when I saw that this book was coming out before A Sky Full of Stars, Owen Shaughnessy’s book. That one is out in June, I think. I’m skipping this one.

  3. Lisa Fernandes
    Lisa Fernandes February 10, 2017 at 7:06 pm - Reply

    This hits on a lot of problems i had with the Chase books I’ve read; she has the strangest tendency to allocate the wrong amount of attention to the wrong elements of the storyline; too much extraneous detail, not enough love for the actual romance. I don’t care about the heroine’s dressing habits;, why not show me the hero and heroine making love, or them realizing the first sparks of their attraction instead?

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