Something So Right

Something So Right turned into something so wrong for me. I love friends to lovers stories, and I read them because I enjoy the choreography as the couple changes the direction of their relationship. It takes courage to alter the status quo since the individuals have more invested in the pre-existing relationship than someone who has just started dating. However, this book seems to skip so many steps in that transition.

Lily Carver, owner and operator of Three Pines Lodge, located on the shores of Lake Mississing in Muskoka, Ontario has no interest in any type of long-term romantic commitment. Five years ago, Lily reached out to her best friend Sam Denning in desperation after finding her fiancé, Brent Kellar, with another woman. Sam helped her break free of the insidious hold Brent had on her. That night, they exchanged a passionate kiss, but it was too soon, and both put the elephant back in the closet. Since Lily was once lulled into a gradual acceptance of emotional, psychological, sexual, and at times physical abuse, she doubts her ability to find a healthy relationship. She has sexual fantasies about Sam, but she has worked too long and hard to give any man the opportunity to take away her self-confidence and sense of worth again.

While his mother did her best to provide for Sam Denning and his two sisters by working two jobs, it still wasn’t enough to prevent them from living in poverty. This propelled Sam’s entry into adulthood at age fourteen. In fact, he met Lily when he came by their estate soliciting yardwork. It took all his willpower not to take their relationship to the next level five years ago, but he knew that he couldn’t take advantage of her. He told himself that he needed to be there for her as a friend, but once she recovered, he would tell her how he really felt. However, even now Lily still has the No Trespassing signs posted over her heart.

After a long day, both Lily and Sam end up at their local watering hole. Sam feels edgy and despondent believing that Lily is never going to see him as more than a friend. It is agony watching the local lothario, Rory Sampson, flirt with her. When Lily slips away from the raucous crowd to the outside lakeside deck, Sam follows and makes a comment about Rory being her type. Lily responds with a, “Not hardly,” and asks Sam why honorable, kind, and decent men like himself are not attracted to her? While Sam’s intent is only to kiss her, passion explodes between them and he ends up pleasuring her. Thinking that she is open to more, Sam tells her he can’t wait to get her alone which causes Lily to back off. She can’t risk fifteen years of friendship with a sexual fling. Plus Sam deserves someone who can make a commitment.

Thus begins Lily’s waffling back and forth. Sure, I know that people do this in real life, but reading one passage where the heroine states “No, I don’t want this,” and then a chapter or two later she changes her mind and then “Yes let’s do this,” contributes to a weak conflict. Push away, entice back, push away etc. For a woman who has no doubts about Sam’s trustworthiness, I found Lily’s unwillingness to give their relationship a chance very frustrating. I do understand that the author wanted to highlight how abuse makes forming new relationships difficult, but I was unable to accept Sam and Lily’s fifteen year friendship as new. I also found it difficult to believe that Sam was able to keep his feelings hidden for five years without Lily having some clue, especially after they shared a passionate kiss. And finally I am not sure that they had a true friendship if they never talked in depth about Lily’s past relationship or future plans.

A little past midway in the book, the hero does something so out of character, especially in light of their conversations and Lily’s history, that I just rolled my eyes. Of course, rolling my eyes wasn’t anything new, with all the angst and melodrama in the story.

Individuals who enjoy rapid development in the sexual relationship, tortured type heroines, and histrionic dialogue might enjoy in this book. My only enjoyment was in the flashback scenes revealing the history between the two.

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Reviewer :      Leigh Davis

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