An Early Wake

An Early Wake by Sheila Connolly is the third in this author’s mystery series set in a small town in County Cork, Ireland. In the first book, Maura Donovan, a poor bartender from Boston visited the town and learned she’d inherited the local pub Sullivan’s along with a home. She also inherited ...

A Dangerous Madness

This is the third in the series of Ms Diener’s loosely connected romantic mysteries set in the Regency period and, as with the other two, it takes as its starting point an actual historical event – in this case the assassination of Spencer Perceval, the British Prime Minister, in 1812. The wh ...

Aunty Lee's Delights

I spent two short, wonderful holidays in Singapore, and my fond memories of the city revolve largely around its magnificent and diverse food scene. Aunty Lee’s Delights is a worthy mystery tribute to one of the world’s finest cities for eating. Aunty Lee is thoroughly kaypoh, ...

Off the Grid

After reading the first Monkeewrench book back in 2003, I couldn’t stop recommending the book with its brooding atmosphere, exceptional characters, and brilliant plotting. I faithfully followed the series though book four – released in 2006. However,by that time my enthusiasm had started to wan ...

Leader of the Pack

Since I know that romance readers read many other genres and also that many of you are pet and mystery lovers, I decided to review David Rosenfelt’s newest release Leader of the Pack. While Rosenfelt has settled into a pattern with his books, I am a pushover for a smart mouthed hero and Andy Car ...

Slightly Irregular

This is the fourth in the Finley Anderson Tanner (F.A.T.) mystery series, but the first I’ve read. And I should add that it’s the last I’ll read. I like Chick Lit and I like mysteries, but the combination didn’t work for me here, probably because the mystery was practically invisible and the ...

One Breath Away

I used to read mysteries on a regular basis, until a particularly bad read did me in. Over the years, I have dipped my toes back into the genre, but it is difficult finding a book in that happy medium – having more than a friendly busybody amateur sleuth but less than serial killer mayhem. I was p ...

Cocaine Blues

This is the first in the Phryne Fisher mystery series set in 1920s Australia. I read the 12th book first, and enjoyed it so much that I read a few more – out of order – before finally reading this one. I think that’s a good thing. If I’d started with this book I might never have continued th ...

Breaking Silence

This is the third in the author’s mystery series set in Ohio Amish country. I haven’t read the previous entries, but this worked for me as a standalone. With a flawed main character, an unusual mode of murder, and a setting peppered with insights into conflicts between the Amish and Englishers, ...

Crunch Time

I'm loving the food related cozy mysteries craze. I don't get to read as many as I'd like but when I do get the chance I make sure I have food nearby. These books are guaranteed to give you a serious case of the munchies! Especially with Davidson's books; her descriptions of food preparation leave y ...