Romantic Suspense

Sizzle and Burn

A year or two ago, a professor of mine lectured on the very possibility that is the center of Sizzle and Burn: That a well-placed bomb in the Azores could create a tsunami that would devastate the East Coast of the United States. This is one example of Mia Austin’s theory ...

The Ideal Man

The difference in price between mass market paperbacks and hard covers is rather remarkable. Given that I rarely buy books new, even at $7.99, the idea of paying full price for a hardcover makes me wince. Julie Garwood’s newest contemporary romantic suspense, The Ideal Man, is a hardcover release, ...

Face of Danger

First impressions matter. Fortunately they don't always presage what's to come. My initial impression of Face of Danger was one of annoyed incredulity. The heroine, Vivi Angelino, said to "have some of the best investigative instincts around," agrees to a contractual agreement even the most gullible ...

Beg for Mercy

For a book that centers on a pending execution, Beg For Mercy was surprisingly non-political. Instead, it was about devotion, trusting your instincts, and defending the ones you love. Megan Flynn and Detective Cole Williams were very quickly falling in love when something big c ...

When You Dare

As a fan of Lori Foster’s writing, I used to think that she could write anything at all and I’d be happy to read it. Now I’m not quite so sure. Foster is a master at giving uber-alpha males personalities and translating their tight-lipped intensity into understandable guy behavior. This boo ...

Red Heat

I admit, I was pretty skeptical about this story. At first, it appeared to be an outdated wanna-be spy novel with obnoxious characters. It wasn’t. Instead, Red Heat was a suspenseful, romantic story that was difficult to put down. Julie Severin is an intelligence analyst at the C ...

The Edge of Night

When I first opened this book I expected just another run of the mill, romantic suspense novel with a cop hero and his bad girl heroine. What I got instead were believable characters, a unique setting that presented realistic problems, and writing that pulled it all together to create a story I didn ...

I Can't Make You Love Me, but I Can Make You Leave

The title of this novel definitely contains words to live by. How many women - and men - have held on to a relationship long after the love is gone? And how many people have let someone stay in their lives that they should have kicked to the curb many, many years ago? Really, this should be a self-h ...

You Belong to Me

I understand the value of keeping your mouth shut. And I understand the value of keeping secrets that will protect others, that keep family or friends from embarrassment or harm. But if romantic suspense/suspense novels have taught me anything it is the value of singing like a canary when the police ...

Trace of Fever

Trace of Fever is the second in the Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series by prolific author Lori Foster. In the preface, Ms. Foster writes the series is of “uber-alpha hunks featuring private mercenaries who are big, capable, a little dangerous and [she hopes] oh-so-sexy.” I didn’t read the f ...