Touch and Go

When my children were little I became well acquainted with the wit and wisdom of a nationally known purple dinosaur. One of his numerous oft-repeated songs told me that, “a family is people and a family is love, they come in all different sizes and different shapes but mine’s just right for me. ...

Cover of Snow

I love book covers featuring snow. You would think I would hate them since for much of winter it is a scene readily available right outside any of my windows, but something about the image of snow has always lured me in. Somehow the scenes communicate peace and rest, like nature is taking a much nee ...


Most of us remember September 11, 2001. We know where we were when we found out what had happened. We probably remember days of being glued to the TV, watching updates. No doubt many on the East Coast remember spending at least some of their time being deeply concerned about a second attack. It's ha ...

Last to Die

You know that saying "If I didn't have bad luck I'd have no luck at all?" That definitely applies to several of the characters in this book. Only their bad luck is of the man-made variety. And it is very, very bad indeed.         Jane Rizzoli is having one of those days. Her mother, ...

Low Pressure

Do people ever really have it coming? Does someone who is cruel and manipulative deserve to die? Deserve to be humiliated? What if that someone is still young? Does that change the equation? This book takes a long look at that question and determines that it's not just wrong but destructive to even ...

Gone Missing

This is the fourth novel in the author's popular Kate Burkholder series. Set in Ohio's Amish country with a protagonist who once was Amish, the mysteries revolve around what happens when this unique population brushes up against true evil - both from within their own ranks and from their contact wit ...


Sex, corruption, and politics are far from unusual subjects of suspense novels. In that respect, little is groundbreaking in Silenced, the fourth full-length novel in Allison Brennan’s series following Lucy Kincaid. However, compelling characters, a strong (if relatively minor, plot-wise) romance, ...

And She Was

I love the Talking Heads song And She Was, though it's a tad bit on the macabre side. But before seeing this novel in stores I had never realized just how perfect a title it would be for a thriller about missing people. The last two lines of the song are "Joining the world of missing persons and she ...

Catch Me

Do you remember the first eight years of your life? Probably not well. What you do recall are probably bits and pieces, images more than a complete history of an event. Like most kids your memories are probably augmented by anecdotes from the mouths of your parents. My sons will have it from videos ...

Down the Darkest Road

Most of the authors I follow in suspense got their start in romance. Ms. Hoag is one of those ladies, and I think her past experience affects how she writes her mysteries. They almost always have the focus on the female protagonist. They almost always have romance, even if it is not the focus of the ...