Give Me Your Hands If We Be Friends: An Alexis Hall guest post (and giveaway!)

So let’s talk about handjobs.

By which I mean, let’s ramble discursively about the problematically different weights that our culture attaches to different forms of sexual activity and how it relates some of the choices made in the structure of How to Blow It with a Billionaire.

I will confess, one of the many things I felt slightly apprehensive about when I turned in the manuscript for Blow was that its emotional climax takes place in a scene where the only sexual contact is a handjob. The thing about writing is that it’s very much an exercise in navigating expectations, and I’m pretty sure one of the usual expectations is that your payoff is going to involve a bit more than a guy touching another guy’s dick for a bit. But stay with me. I think I knew what I was doing. I mean, I hope I did. Oh dear.

Romance, at its core, […]

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The Trouble With Supermen …. A Guest Post and a Giveaway by Shannon McKenna

Anyone who’s ever read my stories might have noticed that I like to endow my heroes with somewhat freakish abilities, whether it’s amazing combat skills or photographic memory or super-keen senses, or whatever. The result of their unconventional upbringing and intense overcompensation for something. I just go for that. It gives me no end of thrills.

So this time around, I supercharged it. For my latest series, The Obsidian Files, I’ve dreamed up a band of escapees from a secret research facility.  Unscrupulous scientists trying at all costs to create supersoldiers. My renegade heroes rebelled and fled, refusing to let themselves be used. Twelve years later they’re still trying to stay under the radar, living the closest thing to a normal life that they can achieve with their fake identities, keeping their abilities a deep, dark secret. Always living under the ominous shadow of recapture.

I could not wait to play around with actual […]

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Dashing All the Way–A Guest Post and Giveaway

Best-selling and critically acclaimed historical romance authors Celeste Bradley, Eva Devon, Elizabeth Essex and Heather Snow heat up this Christmas with four never-before-released novellas guaranteed to make your holiday season merry and bright.

Today they give us a behind-the-scenes look at what inspired their new Christmas anthology, Dashing All the Way.

Elizabeth Essex:

“Welcome, and thank you for joining us at AAR today. We’re happy to be here to share how our anthology came to be. Last Christmas I had a blessed break in my writing schedule, and actually got to enjoy all the things I love about the holiday season—decorating the house and tree, and baking cookies and pies while singing along to Christmas carols!

And right there in the middle of a chorus of “Jingle Bells,” I thought ‘I should write a Christmas novella while I’m in the Christmas spirit, rather than […]

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A Guest Post and a WONDERFUL Giveaway from Rachel Grant

CATALYST (Flashpoint #2) is the first book I’ve written in which the setting is a place neither my husband nor I have visited. I tackled this problem with research. Lots and lots of heartbreaking research.

Having achieved independence from Sudan in 2011, South Sudan is the world’s youngest democracy. But South Sudan isn’t a success story of free elections and political autonomy, of a thriving populace emerging from sixty years of war. No this is the worst example of what can happen with a nascent government undermined by corruption, tribalism, and other factors too complex to delve into here. Civil war broke out in South Sudan in 2013. It is estimated that up to 300,000 have been killed in the war. In a country with a population of 12 million, over 3.5 million have been displaced, creating a refugee crisis within South Sudan and the surrounding countries. Fighting has decimated crops and existing […]

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Chatting with Virginia Heath… and a Giveaway

Back in the dim but not so distant past – more specifically, December 2016 – when I was choosing my favourite books of the year, I realised I’d been lucky enough to find no less than three new authors whose books had captivated me and turned them immediately into “must read” authors.  One of those was British author Virginia Heath whose début, That Despicable Rogue was a thoroughly enjoyable, funny, romantic and sexy story that was so accomplished it was hard to believe it was her first published work.  Over the past year-and-a-bit since Rogue’s publication, Ms. Heath has published five more titles – three of them standalones and the other two the first duo in her ongoing Wild Warriners series; and September sees the publication of her seventh book – another standalone  – a seasonal title, His Mistletoe Wager.

I was pleased when Virginia agreed […]

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May/December Romances: A Guest Post and a Giveaway

Hello, everyone! Thank you to All About Romance for hosting us today! In honor of our new release, Permanent Ink, which will be released from Riptide Publishing in a few days—and because it’ll be a central theme across the entire Art & Soul series—we wanted to talk a little about writing May/December relationships. (And we’re giving away a copy of the book! Make a comment to be entered in this drawing!) […]

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Avon Gale and Roan Parrish on Heart of the Steal (and a giveaway!)

The authors are giving away a copy of this ebook to two lucky AAR readers. Make a comment below to be entered in our drawing!

Step 1. Brainstorming

Roan: Heart of the Steal was born in a moving truck, on a hot as hell August day in the South. Well, that’s not entirely true—it had existed before, IN AVON’S TWISTED BRAIN.

Avon: Yes! And it was very convoluted and involved a side plot with a serial killer. Which is just what you want in your opposites-attract romance novel, right? I was having a lot of problems with the story and wanted to talk it out with Roan, and what I was really in love with about the story was the characters far more than my plot. When I was talking it out with her, she immediately started giving me such great ideas, especially for Vaughn, and I just knew that she had to write […]

Blame your family! A guest post and a giveaway by Caroline Warfield

Family—can’t live with them, can’t kill them. It seems to me that family is the cradle of our profoundest emotions: love, tenderness, jealousy, anger, envy, and, yes, hate. No one can make us feel as cherished as family. No one can hurt us as badly as family.

Because of that, writers mine family for motivation and internal conflict continually. What is the source of your alpha hero’s angst? Dig into his childhood. Blame his father…or his brother. Why does your heroine believe she is unlovable or incapable? Check out her family of origin. What makes the villain tick? I’m willing to bet it is family or the lack thereof. Heroes and heroines each come from a different family culture. In the end whether it is happily-ever-after or happy-for-now, they are creating a new one. We cheer them on and hope for the best possible future.

After five published novels, […]

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Paige Tyler on unique characters. Plus, a giveaway!

In Her True Match, the feline-shifter heroine Dreya has always felt like a “freak.” She’s surprised—and relieved—when she learns that there are others just like her. There are lots of stories about characters who don’t feel like they fit in with everyone else, but learn to embrace what makes them unique. Here are some of my favorites!

  1. Monster High Series. For anyone who hasn’t read the books or watched the animated series (seriously, are you living under a rock?), it’s about a school for monster kids. Whether it’s Frankie Stein’s stitched-on hands always falling off, or Draculaura’s vegetarian lifestyle getting in the way of her relationship with Clawd, son of the werewolf, the stories are all about people dealing with the things that make them different and unique. But by embracing their freaky flaws, these teens find out it’s what’s inside that matters […]
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Susan Sands: A Guest Post and a Giveaway

Hello Friends,

I’m thrilled to be a guest today on All About Romance. Thanks to Dabney for inviting me!

The third novel in my Alabama series, Forever, Alabama, is due to release March 20th. These books are Southern small town stories that share the contemporary romance and women’s fiction genre almost equally. They are hard to define in a single stamp.

The Laroux family is a fun, loud, and loving bunch who over-involve themselves in one another’s lives whether invited or not. I draw my main characters from this family. The physical tie that binds is the family event planning business, The Evangeline House. It is also the Laroux home where all five siblings grew up, and the matriarch, Maureen Laroux, still resides.

Each of my books stands alone but shares characters, peripheral stories, and setting. Setting is as […]

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