An Interview with Rhys Bowen

Over the years, I’ve read and thoroughly enjoyed a number of Rhys Bowen’s Royal Spyness, Molly Murphy and Constable Evans books – she really is a master of the quiet, cleverly plotted mystery.  I was especially intrigued by the synopsis for her latest book, In Farleigh Field, as it represents something of a new direction for her.  Set in Kent during World War Two, it involves MI5, Bletchley Park, codebreakers… and a mysterious airman.  I was delighted that she was able to join me for a quick chat.

Keira Soleore: Welcome to All About Romance, Rhys. We’re delighted you could join us.

Rhys Bowen: Thanks for inviting me.

KS: World War II is a new setting for you. Is using something that you’ve always wanted to do? And what was the impetus behind the book?

RB: I’ve always been fascinated by World War Two. It affected my own family […]

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Megan Crane talks about the Edge series. And there’s a giveaway!

From the moment I read the opening lines of Edge of Obsession, the first book in Megan Crane’s Edge series, I was hooked.

A hundred years ago, or so the stories went, the great Storms came over the course of a few tumultuous decades and kicked the world’s ass. Cities fell. Seas rose. People died.

A lot of people.

I’ve read all four books in the series including the soon to be released Edge of Power (Wulf’s story!) and relished them all. These books are deceptively addicting, the sort of stories you tear through and keep thinking about when you’re done. The world-building is satisfyingly rich and pulls no punches. I asked Megan if I could ask her some questions and she, thankfully, said yes.

Dabney: Hi Megan, thanks for talking with me.

I’ve so enjoyed your Edge series. I picked the first book in the series, Edge of Obsession, as […]

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An Interview with Erica Monroe

In my review of Erica Monroe’s latest book, Stealing the Rogue’s Heart, I pointed out that there are very few historical romances around that draw their heroes and heroines from the lower social classes.  Yet most fans of historical romance that I interact with, whether here at All About Romance, or on Goodreads or other sites and blogs all say that we want more such stories; books about people other than dukes and debutantes, or rakes and bluestockings.  It’s not uncommon for a heroine to be poor, and there are a reasonable number of cross-class romances out there (which are very difficult to pull off properly), but to find stories using working class protagonists, set amid the terrible housing and harsh conditions in which such people had to live is unusual.  In many ways that’s understandable.  Life is tough and a bit of escapist glamour never hurt anyone.  But those aren’t the only stories that deserve to be told, so I asked Erica […]

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Meet… Emily Larkin

A few years back I randomly picked up a book called The Spinster’s Secret, by a new-to-me author named Emily Larkin, purely because the premise sounded interesting; a spinster living in a cold, bleak, grey home who writes erotic novels in order to earn enough money to be able to move out and set up on her own, meets a scarred war hero – sent to unmask her – with whom she falls in love. (This was a few years ago, so the spinster/erotic novelist trope wasn’t something I’d come across often, whereas at the moment, that character seems to be in one in every three books I pick up!)

I was captivated by the story and the quality of the writing and eagerly sought out the-spinsters-secretmore books by Ms. Larkin, only to be disappointed to discover there weren’t any 🙁 Fortunately, […]

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An Interview and Giveaway with Cat Sebastian

The Soldier’s Scoundrel, Cat Sebastian’s début novel for Avon Impulse, is a male/male historical romance set in early nineteenth century England.  It is also, I believe, the first such book released under the Avon imprint.  I was able to get hold of an advance copy to review (look for that next week) and was immediately impressed with the quality of the writing and storytelling.  I asked Ms. Sebastian if she’d care to share a little of the background to the novel with us.

Caz: Is historical romance a genre you’ve always wanted to write?

CS: A few years ago, when my kids were all pretty much babies, I started reading historical romance as an escape. I don’t think I’ve gone more than a day or two since then without reading romance. So when I started writing, I felt at home in the universe of fictional 19th century Britain. I think I […]

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An Interview and a #Giveaway from Kate Stewart

Kate Stewart’s latest, Anything But Minor, is a DIK from us. It’s a witty book and we thought it would be fun to ask Kate some questions. She agreed AND is throwing in an ebook of Anything But Minor to one lucky reader. (Make a comment below to be entered in this drawing.)

Dabney: You sure do love Charleston. Are you a native? If not, when and why did you fall in love with South Carolina’s fairest city?

Kate: I’m actually a native of Dallas, Texas which turned me into a sucker for scenery. Dallas is home, I love it, but the landscaping is a bit dull. Charleston grabbed my heart from the minute I landed on Folly beach in 2010 after living in upstate SC for years. I was so enamored, I simply made the decision, looked over at my husband and said “we’re moving.” We moved three weeks later. I […]

Sarah MacLean answers a few quick questions

I chatted with the fabulous Sarah MacLean at RWA this year but didn’t get a chance to ask her my #RWA16 questions. So, I emailed her and she told me all. 😉

FullSizeRender 37

How old were you when you wrote your first romance? Plot?

I was 13, in the 8th Grade. I wrote it as a project for the fiction unit of my English class. The hero’s name was Colin, and the heroine was Chantal, and it was a romantic suspense that involved her having to save him from imprisonment by a drug cartel. There was a graphic kiss in the climactic scene that made everyone in the whole class love it, and when the teacher posted all of the projects, mine was the only one that was stolen. So, A+, right?

Tell me two truths and a lie.

I played competition croquet in college.
I once dated an actual spare–second son to a viscount.
I received a cease & desist from an aristocrat with the same name as one of my […]

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Talking with Rachel Grant at #RWA16



Rachel Grant is a lot of fun. I met her for lunch on a blindingly sunny San Diego day and she immediately showed me a rock. Then ordered a beer.

The rock was not just any rock. Rachel is an archeologist by training and, let me tell you, that woman knows her fossils. This rock–which I got to hold!–is from Djibouti and is ancient. She described it in an email:

Here are the basics of the African Stone Age.

You’ll see if you scroll down a tool that looks similar from the Oldowan period – which could be  as old as 3.3 million years old.

It also could be from the Acheulean period – from .9 to 1.7 million years old.

The theory is that the tool I showed you is more likely Acheulean, made by a hominin, either Homo heidelbergensis, Homo ergaster, or Homo habilis. However the patina on the stone is so thick, it really could be from the Oldowan age.

It was found in Djibouti as part of a joint project […]

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Talking with Lenora Bell at #RWA16

Lenora Bell was remarkably sunny for a woman who’d flown across the world–she lives in Switzerland–to attend RWA, arrived, and found her luggage had been lost en route. Especially given that, after RWA, she was headed to a small town in Alaska–she grew up there–for a family wedding. Her suitcase–lost most likely in the London airport–was full of Swiss chocolate and other spoilable treats she’d plan to give out at RWA and share with her family at the wedding and, of course, all her clothes. Trust me when I tell you Lenora is the type of fashion maven who can walk into the nearest Nordstrom and come out looking like a total boss. The day we met, she was wearing a funky dress I wished were mine and to die for shoes she’d just purchased that suited her perfectly. The woman is a survivor.

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Talking with Sherry Thomas at #RWA16

IMG_1569I read my first Sherry Thomas book–Private Arrangements–in 2009 and that was it for me. So when Berkley asked if I wanted to interview her at RWA, I had to restrain myself from not replying yesyesyesyes… in ALL CAPS.

Sherry’s journey as a writer fascinates me. As her website says, “English is Sherry’s second language—she has come a long way from the days when she made her laborious way through Rosemary Rogers’ Sweet Savage Love with an English-Chinese dictionary.” She’s written some of the best historical romance out there, published a knock-out YA trilogy and, come the fall, will tell the story of Sherlock Holmes from a whole new perspective.

In person, Sherry is warm and wry. She and I talked about Austin–where she and her family live–, the Fitzhugh trilogy (She’s justifiably proud of Ravishing the Heiress), and what her childhood in China was like–she has only lovely memories. I asked her if she’d write historical romance again–desperately hoping she’d say yes–and she said, perhaps […]

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