By Kresley Cole
Oh man. This was one of the very first paranormal romances we read. We loved it then and we love it now. Ms. Cole's Immortals After Dark books are best-sellers for a reason. Her writing is very funny, sexy, full of all the good kinds of tension, and unlike anyone else's. This one is fabulous. In our DIK review of the audiobook, we wrote:
As with most paranormal romance, the fated mate theme appears, though it is one sided in this case. Lykae clan leader, Lachlain MacRieve, has been held prisoner and tortured by the Vampire hoard for the past 150 years, but when he scents his one true mate there is nothing that will stop him from claiming her. Emmaline Troy is one of a kind, half valkyrie/half vampire. She is an odd mix of easily frightened vulnerability and underlying strength due to the upbringing the Valkyrie gave her. Cole took a page from the early bodice rippers with hero Lachlain’s opening attitude, I want – I’ll take. The narrator really showcases that caveman approach, along with so perfectly portraying Emma’s initial fright that it almost put Lachlain beyond the pale. But later the narration also makes Lachlain’s regret over his actions nearly palpable, while you also hear Emma getting even in her own way. I found humor in the fierce and deadly Valkyrie proving that you’re only as old as you feel. Their use of the latest slang in conversation as well as their love of video games, nail polish and a good party added a fun aspect to the story. Hearing Emma dig out her strength to become someone that willingly faces off with werewolves and vampires alike was a significant part of what made this book work for me.

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