By Susanna Fraser
This historical got a B+ from us. AAR's reviewer wrote:
A Marriage of Inconvenience is very charming. It reminded me of older, lighter Regencies, a la Georgette Heyer, where the focus is more on the characters getting to know each other intellectually rather than physically. There are times, however, where Lucy seems almost too good to be true. She doesn’t have much of a dark side, and aside from her occasional jealousies, she’s a sunny young woman with a number of talents. James’s past with Eleanor Talbot isn’t the liability that it could be, most likely because he is honest about it. You’d think that the lack of major dramatic moments would make this novel slow or dull, but it’s not. It’s relationship-driven, and that’s enough to keep it interesting. As I got to know the characters, I came to appreciate their quirks and passions. The ending is satisfying for Lucy and James, but not so much for Anna, whose fast-moving relationship with Sebastian takes a surprisingly dark turn. Her story is continued in Fraser’s debut novel, The Sergeant’s Lady.

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