By Kristina Cook
This Edwardian romance has a great love story. We gave it a B+. Our reviewer wrote:
As much as I enjoy Regency and Victorian era romances, it’s always exciting to find something different. The Edwardian setting of A Midnight Clear was a major draw for me. Luckily, there was a great romance to go along with it. Troy Davenport and Miranda Granger met on an ocean liner between New York and England. Both felt drawn to each other, but didn’t exchange names. Troy, an artist, had been so inspired by her that he wanted to make her his muse. However, with no names, and only that brief interaction, he is struggling in painting her. Until one day he stumbles upon an article in the society pages that features a picture of her, giving her name and her Christmas plans to be at the grand opening of a seaside resort. Troy immediately changes his plans to follow her.

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