By Lucy Parker
Everyone raves about this book. It was one of our picks for best book of 2015. If you love smart contemporary romance, this book is for you. We gave it an A-. AAR's LinnieGayl wrote:
There is so much I love about this book. Ms. Parker has a deft hand with dialogue, making it feel both current and witty. I found myself smiling while reading this, and frequently laughing out loud. Most importantly, it all felt real. I liked that Richard and Lainie’s feelings for each other develop in a slow, believably way. I cared for Lainie from the first. Despite being on stage, Lainie feels like a real, normal person, from her large family, to taking the tube to work, to pet-setting for her neighbor’s cat, Cat Richard as she thinks of him. And no, Richard isn’t a “misunderstood” bad boy. He truly does act poorly, thinks most people are morons, and definitely has a short fuse. Despite all that, I found him funny, and gradually endearing as more was revealed about his background and motivations, and as he fell deeply in love with Lainie.

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