By Sharon Shinn
This fantasy novel got an A from us. Our reviewer loved it. She wrote:
This book succeeds on so many levels. It is written in such beautiful, lyrical prose that reading it is just a joy. With the enchantment of her words Shinn draws you into her world and entices you to stay. I've read this book several times now, slowly and lingeringly, savoring the experience. The world of Samaria is lovingly portrayed; it resembles the Old Testament kingdom of Israel, and most of the characters have biblical names. Samaria is richly drawn, and Shinn does not skimp on its characterization. The richness of the portrayal is undoubtedly aided by the its biblical overtones. There are faint echoes of Bible stories throughout - stories of Saul and David, Rachel and Leah, Esther, Judas and Lucifer. It is not surprising that Samaria seems magical, a place where miracles occur and Good and Evil are personified and locked in bitter struggle.

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