By RaeAnne Thayne
This is a lovely sweet story. We gave it a B. We wrote:
If you don’t like small town romances, you will probably find this book a bit trite. It doesn’t have a simplistic “small town good, big city bad” take on things, but it certainly preaches the goodness of neighbors helping neighbors in their time of need. It isn’t entirely rosy; Riley is cynical about charitable deeds and Claire admits that helping neighbors don’t solve all the problems. But the message is clear: Helping others helps yourself, and supporting another’s healing process speeds along your own. Riley and Claire were both interesting characters, each with different experiences in their lives that make them complex and imperfect, while still being likable and understandable. I thought that their relationship progressed too slowly, though. They kiss, he backs away. They kiss, she backs away. They kiss, he backs away. It went back and forth like this for almost the entire book with little real progress made. Their HEA is satisfying, but I wanted to see more leading up to it.

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