By Sherrilyn Kenyon
We enjoyed this although it's flawed. AAR's Rike wrote:
So while I spent quite a bit of time rolling my eyes as I got into the book, after a while I found myself hooked. This is due to two elements: One, although there is plenty of action in the book, the characters get to spend a long time together. They share meals, they are bored, they get to talk even though Nykyrian definitely doesn’t want to. This made the development of their relationship believable and drew me in as a reader. Second, Sherrilyn Kenyon has a great eye for detail. She really considers what her characters are like, and gives them items or idiosyncrasies that reflect this. Lovely! That said, the science fiction element is underdeveloped and the world-building a bit shoddy, with a number of components – laws for example – obviously introduced because they fit the plot just so. The sex scenes are both hot and moving – here Nykyrian’s side was handled in a far more believable manner than Kiara’s. And I really liked the secondary characters. So, in spite of an inauspicious beginning, Born of Night turned out to be a novel to enjoy, although it remained a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. I will probably read more of the League novels.

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