By Elizabeth Boyle
This is an oldies but goodie. We gave it a straight up A. Our reviewer wrote:
What makes a book great? Believable characters, a fast paced plot, a satisfying ending and a well-written story. Brazen Angel by Elizabeth Boyle hosts an entire cast of believable characters, from the leads right down to the walk-ons. The story moved as such a quick pace that I could scarcely draw breath. As I turned each page, I could hardly wait to discover what was going to happen next. The ending was so perfect, the story so well written, that I found myself quite envious of Boyle's skill as an author. This book is definitely a favorite.
Here's the Amazon blurb:
A Double Life... She was every man's fantasy–and most dangerous desire. One bewitching look, the whispered promise of unspeakable ecstasy, and London's richest and most notorious rakes followed the Brazen Angel like sheep–ready to be fleeced. All London was in her thrall as she waltzed from masquerade to masquerade, seducing and stealing with impunity–until she met her match in the dark and dangerous lord who vowed to unmask her. A Single Passion... London's most audacious thief. Giles Corliss, Marquess of Trahern, had come home to honor his father's last request and marry a woman he'd never met, Lady Sophia D'Artiers. It was to be a marriage of convenience to beget an heir. But Giles had yet to discover that behind the fragile, ailing facade of his intended, Lady Sophia, lay the mistress of disguise–an irresistible brazen angel who was about to lure him into a reckless passion that threatened to destroy them both...

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