By Ilona Andrews
This is the first book in Andrews' wildly popular Hidden Legacy series. It's a five star read--a full five stars, people--from over 1100 readers at Amazon. We gave it a B+. AAR's Melanie wrote:
A combination of urban fantasy, alternate history, and paranormal romance (minus the werewolves or vampires), Burn for Me by Ilona Andrews marks the first in a new series following an in-debt private investigator attempting to negotiate a world where her targets possess magical powers. For some quick background, in 1863, scientists discovered a serum that unlocked special powers in human beings. Originally given to soldiers, it wasn’t long before the aristocracy bought their way into the ranks. The unlocked magical abilities were passed down within the families, creating an extremely insular community of power and powers. Fast forward 150-ish years, and you have the almost dystopic world of a magical Houston found in Andrews’ new Hidden Legacy series.

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