By Loretta Chase
Wow. This book is all the wow. It's a KEEPER, a DIK, and Ms. Chase at her wiliest. Our reviewer wrote:
For me, there are keepers, then there are keepers. Those in the first category have some element(s) which resonated with me upon first reading, and while I don't necessarily re-read them from cover to cover, I have favorite scenes I like to revisit once in awhile. But the books I cling to most zealously are ones I consider works of art, sheer perfection holistically or when consumed in bite-sized portions. Such is Loretta Chase's Captives of the Night, where an interesting mystery, two fascinating protagonists, complex interrelationships and escalating sexual and emotional tension combine to intrigue, entertain and engage.... Captives of the Night makes for an intelligent mystery, with plenty of viable and interesting suspects and secondary characters, and the kind of scandalous secrets that can bring down governments and incite murderous intent. But my primary pleasure in this book is the breath-taking dance of seduction between Leila and Esmond. While he is the absolute master of seductive manipulation, Leila is a worthy partner in the dance, with her innate cleverness and an artist's eye for detail enabling her to see more than Esmond intends. It's utterly delicious. Esmond's comments are rife with innuendo, sometimes downright suggestive, but can also be strictly evasive, such as when he outrageously pretends that his English is not so good. He is the ultimate charming rogue, and even when you know he's up to his usual shenanigans, you're simply too charmed to care, at least in part because he is as driven by his desires and emotions as Leila is.

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