By Patricia Briggs
We love this series. This book is a five star read from over 650 readers. We wrote:
Charles found Anna when he went to investigate a pack in Chicago. As his father’s enforcer, he is basically the assassin for all the werewolves in North America. If a wolf steps out of line, Charles takes care of it. So, when Charles goes to stop some wolves who’ve crossed some lines, he meets a much-abused Anna. The three years of abuse were bad enough, but Anna is a very rare type of wolf – an Omega – which makes her abuse that much harder for Charles to bear. Omegas are prized because they automatically bring a calming effect into a pack. When Charles met Anna, his wolf immediately claimed her as his mate, as did hers. So, they are now a mated pair, but their human sides still barely know each other. Because it normally works the other way, with two people falling in love and their wolves eventually accepting the match, it’s a bit odd to have this intense bond without the human emotions as a foundation. So, throughout the story, Charles and Anna get to know each other better and build their relationship. This is not always easy, especially given Anna’s history.

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