By Delilah Devlin
This is a sex-filled romp of a book. We gave it a B+. Our reviewer wrote:
The second part of the book has Drago and Calandra spending some time apart and so isn't as mesmerizing, though it does offer some funny scenes. Also sort of comical are Drago and Calandra's overactive libidos. They are constantly at it, needing no warm-up, and wanton, permanently willing Calandra would score high in any male fantasy! It is perhaps unfortunate that I was more amused by the sex galore than aroused, especially as this is Romantica, however, I didn't mind too much. I was too busy savoring Drago and Calandra's characters and their emotional relationship - which, after all, are the most important ingredients in any romance. Days after finishing this book, Calandra and Drago still linger vividly in my mind. I find them so memorable because they are painfully honest and imperfect characters. They come together under the most unfavorable of circumstances and see the worst of each other. However, they also share a profound understanding and appreciation of each other when they finally fall in love. Now that's romantic.

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