By Jennifer Weiner
We gave this a B+. It's got a plus-sized heroine and Weiner's trademark snark. (Her columns for the New York Times are excellent, by the way.) Our reviewer wrote:  
I picked up a copy of Good in Bed as a result of a discussion I was in about Brit Chick Lit. This book is not British, but in many other ways, it does fall into the same sub-genre. The heroine is young, urban, professional, single, and somewhat neurotic. She's also quite funny and rather endearing in a snarky sort of way. I liked this book. Cannie Shapiro has a problem. She's fat. Not that I-need-to-lose-10-pounds, Bridget Jones kind of fat; she's large, actually quite overweight. But she's a successful person in every other way. She has a lucrative career as a journalist, a nice set of friends, a funky dog, a good apartment and a fantastic sense of humor. Then one afternoon she opens a copy of Moxie, a Cosmo-style magazine and is suddenly starring in her own worst nightmare. Her "We were on a break" ex-boyfriend Bruce has channeled his post-breakup angst into a career. He's now a Moxie columnist, and his first article is entitled "Loving a Larger Woman." It's all about Cannie.