By Susan Elizabeth Phillips
You've read this, right? At least six times? Because it's that good, isn't it? It's a top 100 book here at AAR AND a DIK. When we first reviewed it, we wrote:
Phillips has an uncanny ear for witty repartee and dialogue that could have come from a great Hepburn/Tracy movie. She is one of the few authors (Jennifer Crusie being the other notable name) that make me laugh out loud. Her sex scenes are bawdy and original (how many love scenes have you read that take place on the fifty yard line of the Midwest Sports Dome?). Her characters are comedic yet sympathetic. I never thought I would feel sorry for a blonde bombshell who has a pampered white poodle named Pooh, but Phillips manages to get at the lonely woman underneath the makeup who has endured a neglected childhood and constantly reinvents herself to keep people at a safe distance. Similarly, Dan is an alpha male, a little more dominant than I usually like my heroes, but we gradually see his softer side as well. Throw in a few well-drawn secondary characters, including a timid general manager who comes into his own and Phoebe’s estranged younger half-sister who shuns Phoebe’s attempts to reconcile, and you have a book bursting to the seams with vitality and personality. By the time Phoebe and Dan admit they love each other you will be cheering, laughing and crying. You’ll learn something about football as well and live through a nail-biting championship game that decides Phoebe and Dan’s future together.

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