By Eloisa James
This is an early Ms. James and it's very good. Our reviewer gave it a B+ and it's a five star read at Amazon. We wrote:  
Annabel and Ewan are perfectly pleasant characters and their courtship journey is so filled with sexual tension that it's a wonder the pages didn't smoke. There's not a lot of conflict between them especially since Annabel's biggest fear, is resolved about halfway through the book. Ewan has a large and eccentric extended family including three homeless monks who live on the estate, and that makes for some very humorous scenes. Ewan is a very nice beta hero who is kind, decent and even religious - something you don't find too often in an historical romance.... Kiss Me, Annabel is a charming, witty and engrossing book. Eloisa James' rich writing style is unique and welcome. After getting off to a rough start with romance readers, she's more than redeemed herself and I look forward to more from her.

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