By Amanda McCabe
We gave this debut historical romance a B+. Our only complaint had to do with too many italicized words! Our reviewer wrote:
What follows is a lovely, uncomplicated, and completely believable story of two people falling in love over passion and mutual interests, such as Italy and Shakespeare, and overcoming the reasonable obstacles to their HEA. Kate and Michael do not immediately begin a relationship, sensibly realizing the censure that comes with two people of different stations in life. They also have secrets; Kate knows her past, if revealed, would certainly bring about her dismissal as a governess, a position she desperately needs, as well as total rejection from society, and Michael suffers from the guilt of his own secret every day. Frankly, his friends and even his mother could have guessed Michael’s secret, so it’s a wonder why he keeps it to himself for so long, but it certainly set up the wonderful scene in which he reveals it to Kate and, with her help, is able to forgive himself. It’s rare and delightful to read a romance that unfolds gradually and almost realistically, which must have been helped by the book’s length of slightly more than 400 pages. There are also appealing scenes of Kate and her growing relationship with Michael’s sister and daughter and slices of English village life. The plot skillfully weaves in Italian images and words.

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