By Caroline Linden
This is a very sexy enemies forced to marry story. Penelope and Benedict are a great couple and it's steamy fun watching them fall in love (and heat up the sheets.) Caz gave this a B+. Dabney would give it an A. In her review, Caz wrote:  
Love in the Time of Scandal is an engrossing story that can be read as a standalone, although the other two books are excellent and well worth reading, too. Ms Linden writes with a great deal of wit and intelligence, all the characters are strongly drawn and the central romance is well developed with plenty of sexual tension between the leads and steamy love scenes. As I mentioned above, my one criticism is that there is one particular plot element left unresolved at the end, which I assume will be picked up in a future story, but otherwise, it’s a terrific book and one I’d certainly recommend most highly.

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