By Jen McLaughlin
If you're lusting for a book chock full of priestly, ah, love, this one's for you. AAR's Caroline wrote:
What plot there was was utterly predictable. I knew exactly how Thorn would get around being a priest, since he wasn’t one yet. The guy who attacked Rose and injured her was spotted hanging around; gee, that never leads to anything. And then Thorn’s big driving secret? I wonder if he’ll tell Rose! I wonder if she’ll forgive him! There is a line in this book where Rose reflects, “I knew how this ended. So did he. Why were we torturing ourselves with this? Why were we trying to prolong the inevitable, when we both knew the outcome?” This is exactly how I felt reading this book. The plot was maybe 15% of the page count. Just about everything else was these characters wallowing in mental lusting and rueing the assumed futility of their lust, but then going ahead and acting lustful anyway. Every few chapters was a repeat of “I want him/her… but it’s doomed. I need to stop and get over it. But I can’t. We’ll do this one thing, and then nothing ever again. Because we can’t ever be together.” And man, were there things. Oral sex, vaginal sex - the priest brakes were definitely not applied on Thorn’s Sex Train to Roseville.

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