By Gina Conkle
We gave this a B+. AAR's Melanie wrote:
But oh, the chemistry between the two. Even before the two become intimate, the air ignites between them. It’s the best kind of delayed gratification. Edward and Lydia are trying their best to wait that extra month, and they both find it increasingly difficult. Which was increasingly satisfying for the reader. Overall, this book is a combination of Beauty and the Beast with some hints of the Phantom of the Opera (without the murderous impulses.) The characters were interesting (and interestingly flawed,) but made some choices that didn’t sit right within the story. The plot definitely made me happy - I’m a sucker for the whole marriage of convenience romance trope - and the fairy tale is woven in as inspiration, rather than as a complete retelling. I definitely enjoyed it, and as it is the first in a new series, will have to keep an eye out for future installments.

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