By Loretta Chase
Another Chase classic. This one we gave a B+ to. AAR's reviewer wrote:
Both characters are more than likable, and it is easy to sympathize with each of their conflicting agendas. Mirabel is a strong woman who has never allowed society's expectations to keep her from the things that are important to her. And I particularly loved the hero of this novel; Alistair is absolutely adorable. He is a man whose passionate nature has frequently led him into trouble, so that he is wary of his feelings for Mirabel. But his innately decent and honorable nature lead him to find a solution to all the problems that keep them apart. There is a running joke through the book about how appalling the dandyish Alistair finds Mirabel's unfashionable clothes and hair. The way this is resolved is one of the most satisfying and entertaining parts of the book. The thing that really raises this above the level of your average Regency-set historical is not the characters or the plot, but Chase's extremely engaging narrative style. She is truly one of the wittiest writers I've ever had the pleasure to read. I laughed when I read this book, usually not because of any actions on the characters' parts, but because of Chase's clever turns of phrase.

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