By Ainslie Paton
Just in time for the Summer Olympics! We gave this book a B+.  
This is a lot of book for your money (346 pages) and those instances don’t happen frequently. Amidst the writing mistakes and weirdness, there are also some wildly fantastic sentences. My favorite was Reid’s reaction to hearing Zarley say she loved him: “This woman could make him weak and desperate, bring him to his knees a thousand different ways, but hearing her say that made him bulletproof.” UGH I WANT TO MAKE SOMEONE FEEL LIKE THAT. A great, unusual hero, hot and character-driven sex scenes, a solid heroine who is great for much of the book, a plot that defies predictability, some wonderful moments of writing. On the negative side: a long denouement and some writing issues. My head says B+ for Offensive Behaviour, but it was very close to an A-. It’s just addictive and fun.