By Catherine Anderson
This got a B+ from us. Our reviewer wrote:
Phantom Waltz is my contender for the most romantic romance I've read this year. After flirting from behind the counter of her father's store, Bethany Coulter expects Ryan Kendrick to turn tail and flee the moment he realizes that she is in a wheelchair. Bethany, a former champion barrel racer, was injured in a rodeo competition eight years ago and has learned to deal with her new limitations by walling off her heart. However, despite his initial shock over Bethany's revelation, Ryan insists on going through with a date. Initially he merely wants to be a gentleman and plans to let Bethany down easy, but by the end of the evening he's seriously intrigued, and by the end of the week he's in love. While I would ordinarily have misgivings about such a love-at-first-sight storyline, in this case it makes sense and it's born of a poignant compassion. From the first, Ryan realizes that he will damage Bethany's fragile confidence too badly if he trifles with her; he can't just amble along and wait to see if things will work out between them. Before his very next move, he has to be certain that he's committed to take it all the way.

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