By Sophie Kinsella
From the New York Times-bestselling author of the Shopaholic series. When Lexi Smart wakes up in a London hospital, she’s in for a big surprise. Having survived a car accident, Lexi has lost a big chunk of her memory—three years to be exact—and she’s about to find out just how much things have changed. Kinsella may be known for the Shopaholic series, but  this installment in chick lit was called "fascinating and amusing" by our reviewer, who gave it a solid B: "Kinsella’s readers will also recognize these themes: perfection can be stifling, work is important but should not be everything, and “real” people are more about vulnerable substance than invulnerable surface. With its fun premise Remember Me? is able to explore some interesting ideas with humor and insight. Lexi Smart is a likable heroine most readers will be rooting for even as the many sides to her overall character are exposed. This is solid, enjoyable Chick Lit."

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