By Sarina Bowen
We enjoyed this. AAR's Em wrote:
As anyone who regularly reads my reviews knows, I have a not-so-secret love affair with sports romances - especially ones about hockey players.  Rookie Move (Brooklyn Bruisers) is the first in Ms. Bowen’s newest series about a fictional hockey team.  Much of this book lays the groundwork for later stories, and truthfully, the love story was fairly predictable after the first kiss.  A misunderstanding, an angry dad and the threat of a trade merely delay an inevitable, long delayed reunion for the central couple, who obviously love each other from start to finish. Though the story is fairly low on drama (I needed more), it is entertaining.  And more importantly, it provides just the sort of comfort food sports romance fans adore - a little bit of angst, athletes, romance, sex and the promise of more player stories to come.

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